1. Visionary Leader

This award honors exemplary CEO(s)/ Leadership Team who has/ have shown extraordinary ability to inspire and unite the whole organization energy under an aligned purpose. His/ Her sound leadership and commitment to pursuing the desired future has brought forth major leaps in business performance and sustainability.

2. People Champion

This award is presented to CEO(s)/ Leadership Team who act relentlessly to help organization attract, cultivate, retain high performance teams. They encourage and serve as role model in creating a people-oriented environment that also challenges employees to expand their abilities and skills, allowing for internal advancement and craft the next generation of leaders.

3. Transformative Catalyst

This award is dedicated to CEO(s)/ Leadership Team who shaped, influenced and successfully led large scale organizational changes via employing progressive solutions such as innovative technology, modern organization structure and management processes, etc. These strategic movements spearhead efficiency & productivity, hence contributing to progressive business results.

HR Excellence

1. Diversity & Inclusion

This recognition is presented to organization(s) that has embedded outstanding strategies to create a truly diverse workforce that fostering an inclusive culture where staff feel belong and can perform at their very best.

2. Workplace Culture

This category pays tribute to organization(s) that has purposefully and continuously shaped their company’s culture to provide a positive, open and adaptive environment for their employees to thrive in.

3. Talent Acquisition

This category celebrates excellence and innovation in recruitment & employer branding strategies that effectively serve the business ambition. The awarded organization(s) demonstrates distinguish practices in Workforce planning, EVP design, recruitment strategies, etc. with measurable success in implementation.

4. Learning & Development

This category recognizes excellence in the design and implementation of an advanced learning & development strategy that effectively upgrades people skill, knowledge as well as mindset to constantly cope with the fast changes of business environment.

5. Employee Engagement

This category awards well-thought out strategy linking well employee engagement with business performance and talent retention. Awarded organization(s) has showcased specific initiatives that clearly drive employee’s discretionary effort and willingness to stay longer.

6. HR Technology & Innovation

With ever increasing adoption and investment in HR technologies, this category recognizes organization(s) that has successfully embraced digital disruption to move HR forward. Implementation of technology and/or data analytics have been applied to enhance employment experience & improve HR practices’ effectiveness.

7. Workplace Wellbeing

This category celebrates organization(s) who places employee wellbeing at the center stage within their organization. These winners has developed outstanding strategies aimed at ensuring the health and wellbeing – whether mental, physical, emotional or financial of its workforce which contribute to improve employee happiness & business performance.




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